Please note the approximate measurements of the model for reference so you might have an idea of how the item might fit your figure. Also note that most shirts with ties and laces can easily be adjusted to fit your figure or to wear tighter or loser depending on your likes.

This top is made specifically to fit the larger size lady. In fact, you will notice that the photos of the back ties look a bit sloppy, that is because I tied them loosely and left the strings longer than usual so that you can tie them to fit your shape. I also tied them randomly rather than straight down the middle.

I also left the top longer to cover that tummy some of us have.

This top is show on a model who usually wears a size 8 or medium. She sometimes has to go to a large size due to her bust size.

The top has a scoop neck with lacing to give it a more finished look.

The arms have loose strings which are knoted on the ends.

This item is $24.99 + $4.95 for shipping and handling.

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