Please note the approximate measurements of the model for reference so you might have an idea of how the item might fit your figure. Also note that most shirts with ties and laces can easily be adjusted to fit your figure or to wear tighter or loser depending on your likes.

This 2 tone blue top is shown on a model who usually wears a small. The design is extremely flexible with all the lacing that it entails. The lacing can easily be adjusted on both sides as well as on the back.

The top has a a lightly laced bust line.

The sides are double sliced to teez the eye with subtle glimpes of skin.

The arms have free flowing strings with random beading.

The back has a lace up style.

The bottom is done in free-flowing strings which also have random beading.

This item is $24.99 + $4.95 for shipping and handling.

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