Please note the approximate measurements of the model for reference so you might have an idea of how the item might fit your figure. Also note that most shirts with ties and laces can easily be adjusted to fit your figure or to wear tighter or loser depending on your likes.

This top is show on a model who usually wears a size 8 or medium. She sometimes has to go to a large size due to her bust size.

The top has a tank top style neckline. The arms are gathered with a complimenting tie which can be removed if preferred.

The side are laced with a complimentary tie and can be easily adjusted to fit looser or on someone with a more rebust figure. The side ties have been left extra long intentionally to facilitate adjustments.

The bottom of the top has loose fringe and accents of multiple colored beads that bring out the colors in the top design.

This item is $26.99 + $4.95 for shipping and handling.

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