About Tortured Teez

Be sure to check back often...more shirts are added on a regular basis...I actually have lots of new tops ready to be posted and am looking for the right size women to model them for the pictures. Keep coming back!!! Thank you!!!

Tortured Teez are individually styled and cut. No two shirts are the same.

Sizes are not always relevant as the sizes can change greatly between the manufacturing of the item and the finished article after cutting and tieing. Most of the styles can be altered to custom fit your shape by loosening or tightening the ties and/or lacing.

The measurements of the models wearing the items in the pictures are noted for reference purposes.

I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I do creating them and seeing them worn.

Click on the pictures below to see more pictures of it's design and to view specifics such as the model's sizes and if the shirt can be adjusted.


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